Probiotics can produce organic acid, free fatty acid, hydrogen peroxide and bacteriocin that inhibit the growth of other harmful bacteria. “Biological xoyfen consumption” can decrease aerobic pathogenic bacteria dramatically. Probiotics can colonize on surface of mucosa and skin or between cells to form biological barriers. These barriers can inhibit the colonization of pathogenic microorganism, play an important role in occupying, fighting for nutrition, mutualism or antagonism. Besides, it can also stimulate the body’s nonspecific immune function , improve the activity of natural killer cells, strengthen the secretion of intestinal immune globulin IgA. Therefore, it can improve the function of intestinal barrier.


(1) Gut-flora balance

(2) Helps fight intestinal tract illnesses, like IBS, IBD

(3) Protection against pathogens

(4) Assists in prevention of urinary tract infections

(5) Helps to build a superior immune system

(6) Anti-allergy

(7) Assists in the absorption of nutrients

(8) Suppresses occurrences of eczema

(9) Decreases antibiotic side effects

(10) Aids in dairy product digestion among the lactose-intolerant

(11) Decreases duration of diarrhea


Storage and shelf life

The product is stored at - 18 ℃ or lower, and the shelf life is 24 months from the date of production.

Usage method

In order to prevent the bacterial powder from getting damp, the packing bag should be taken out from - 18 ℃ in advance, and placed at room temperature for 30 minutes, and then used after returning to room temperature.

Packaging specification

The products are packed in high barrier composite aluminum foil bags, with packing specifications of 500g / bag, 1kg / bag or according to customer’s needs.

Safety and quality

The strains have a long history of safe consumption, and the freeze-dried powder is produced in a GMP environment under strict control, which conforms to the relevant laws and regulations of the state.