Our technology

In 2015, the company has passed the appraisal from international advanced microbiological culture collection(JYMCC) firstly. And the company achieved the independent filter, efficacy validation, production transformation of series strains and authentic right of strains’ownership.  Meanwhile, we have gained the authentication reports for over 300 strains and GICC strain collection certificate, obtained over 10 patents for invention of related strains, published 2 SIC articles and many domestic professional central journal articles.

  • Wealthy sources, diverse characters, sufficient bio-availability, safe and effective.
  • Corporate culture collection JYMCC, over


  • 300strains

    industrialized strains, clear origin, stable nature, independent IPR

Platform of selection and validation

Drosophila experimental platform

Zhongke-Jiayi microecological technology application academy introduced drosophila evaluation platform into functional strains selection and efficacy validation for probiotics. This made high throughput screening of probiotic strains come true, improved efficiency by 100 times, decreased selection cost by 50 times. And this also secured that each strain would be verified by bio-availability, therefore promoted the development of probiotics industry.

Our patents