Dietary Supplements

Probi's probiotics are offered as dietary supplements and a range of different formats are available including capsules, tablets, chewable tablets, spheres, stick packs and powder. Our finished formats are available in bulk or as fully finished bottled consumer products. We offer flexible and customized solutions for the specific need in your market.

  • Capsules
    Our robust probiotic strains can be delivered in the form of high quality vegetable capsules with a guaranteed shelf life up to 24 months in ambient conditions.

  • Chewable tablets
    We have developed good tasting, high quality chewable tablets with no added sugar and a shelf life up to 18-24 months in ambient conditions depending on choice of packaging material.

  • Probi® Fast Melt
    Our recently launched probiotic sticks that melt in your mouth - no water is needed. A novel product formulation that is easy to use and offers a combination of convenience and great taste. Sticks are available in bulk and secondary packaging will be on request. Download pdf here.

  • Tablets/Spheres
    A variety of sizes and forms are offered, including the innovative sphere format available also as chewable. We develop high quality tablets with a shelf life of 18-24 months in ambient conditions depending on choice of packaging material.

  • Bulk powder
    Our probiotic strains are available as bulk powder for use in your own production of finished product. Shelf life is 12 months when stored in the original, sealed package at below -20°C. 


BIO-tract is s a unique and patented delivery system available for protection of sensitive probiotic strains and for a controlled intestinal release. Read more here.


Not all packaging materials are suitable for storing probiotic products. To guarantee a stable product with long shelf life in dry applications like capsules, tablets etc., the product must be protected against moisture both during and after being packaged.

At Probi we are constantly testing existing and new packaging solutions to see how they affect the shelf life of our probiotics. We also work closely with packaging companies and customers to share knowledge, and can recommend different packaging solutions for different consumer needs such as Alu-tubes, plastic bottles, glass bottles or blister.